Welcome to the new College Diabetes Network (CDN) blog! We hope that you will enjoy coming here to this site to read blog posts from current college students with diabetes, and to read guest blog posts from bloggers in the Diabetes Online Community about their thoughts on college and diabetes.  So, welcome to the blog! If you have any questions, please email us at croth@collegediabetesnetwork.org or info@collegediabetesnetwork.org and we will answer your question as soon as we can!

Do you have diabetes, and are you in college? Do you want to get involved and start a CDN chapter on your college campus? Let us know! Visit the College Diabetes Network website and see everything that CDN has to offer, including discussion boards and other resources to help you survive your college years, or young adult years if you are not in college but in that “in between” age stage. We are right there with you, and we can understand what you are going through, plus help you with some support and resources along the way. Nobody said that life with diabetes is ever going to be easy, but you certainly don’t have to go through life with diabetes alone!

If you are interested in being a student blogger for CDN, please email us at croth@collegediabetesnetwork.org or info@collegediabetesnetwork.org.


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