About College Diabetes Network

CDN’s goal is to improve the health, well-being, and longevity of students with Type 1 Diabetes.

We plan to accomplish our goal through our chapter support networks which:

Connect college students with Type 1 Diabetes and provide

  • Peer support
  • A resource on campus
  • Health and nutrition education, technology information and updates
  • Learning through shared experience.
  • Resources for parents, school administrators, family and friends of those with Type 1 Diabetes

These support networks will enable students to fulfill their potential and limit the negative physical and psychological effects of Diabetes. 

CDN’s areas of focus are:


                For Students-Information, Peer Support, Online Forum to connect with other students

For Parents– Tips, Online Forum to connect with other parents

                For Chapters– Tips, Ideas, Personal Support, Online Forum to connect with other chapters

  • TECHNOLOGY & UPDATES: Technology, Latest Research, Scholarship Opportunities, Diabetes Community Events, Insurance Healthcare Plans
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLES: Nutrition, Exercise, Alcohol, Drugs, Stress, and Sleep and how they impact blood sugars
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Mentorship Program, Babysitting
  • CAMPUS LIFE: Step by step program which students and university administrators can use to implement changes on campus to make life safer and healthier for students with diabetes.
  • RESEARCH INITIATIVE: National sample of Type 1s who can participate in research- specifically on college student population & psychological components of living with Type 1 diabetes.

from the College Diabetes Network homepage, http://www.collegediabetesnetwork.org.


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