Science Posts

We are starting a new monthly segment on the science behind diabetes discoveries, therapies, complications and various aspects of living with diabetes. We would like to introduce Dr. Kim Kelly, who will be the host of this section. Dr. Kelly has over 37 years of experience in clinical medicine and diabetes. Dr. Kelly has worked most of his career in the education of health care professionals. He is a faculty member for Children with Diabetes, and has presented many topics that bring the science of diabetes to a simple and understandable level. He is the founding President of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, on the Board of Directors of the Diabetes, Exercise and Sports Association and his most recent position was Director of the Johnson and Johnson Diabetes Institute, where he still continues to teach on a part time basis. Dr. Kelly has agreed to publish a blog each month that discusses some aspect of diabetes and the science surrounding it, including recent articles from the numerous diabetes-related journals. He is more than willing to take questions, and research them for the monthly blog, so if you have a question you would like discussed, please send it to

Dr. Kim Kelly



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